ITALIANISSIMO® translates to "very Italian" and is the essence of what we represent.

ITALIANISSIMO Inc. was founded in 1986 by Diane and Mauro Gennaretti, known throughout Italy as the "Americana" and the "Romano."  ITALIANISSIMO® was born with the intent to present a unique collection of contemporary design items with "very Italian" quality, style, and craftsmanship never seen before in the USA.


With a passion for art and glass, ITALIANISSIMO® has grown into a unique ART TO WEAR collection of modern MURANO GLASS jewelry.  Handmade by glass masters using simple tools and age-old techniques, one at a time with "very Italian" quality, style, and craftsmanship... timeless, fashion-forward and fun.

True to its origins, jewelry by ITALIANISSIMO® is Made in Italy, designed and assembled in the USA, never goes unnoticed and always makes you smile.

GRAZIE...THANK YOU for your interest in finding out more about us.  We hope you enjoy discovering our collection as much as we have creating it for you.

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