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Watch Repair

This service includes something as simple as batteries and as common as watchbands. We can also do watch restorations. Let us clean your old pocket watch or any mechanical movements in the watch. At Compton Jewelers, we are expert Rolex® and antique watch restorers.

    Battery Replacement

    At Compton’s our team of trained associates have the knowledge, ability and tools to properly open your watch, test the existing battery and install a new battery to get it working again quickly and efficiently.   

      Jewelry Repair

      Specializing in pearl restringing, we also fix broken necklaces and put diamonds back into rings. You bring your jewelry to us and we will give you a free estimate and completion timeline. We are proud to have a quick turnaround time. We can also do engraving for any of your jewelry items.

        Jewelry Restringing

        If you have pearls or beaded strands that have broken, stretched, need shortening or lengthening or a replacement clasp, then you need Compton Jeweler’s restringing service.


          We appraise your jewelry for insurance information. We need to know all the information to be able to appraise the jewelry correctly. This is generally a same day service, but we do recommend that you call ahead of time so our appraiser will be on site        

            Wedding Rings

            Call 202-393-2570 to make an appointment to help find the perfect ring
            We have gorgeous wedding rings in stock, with layaway plans available. We offer products from many different manufacturers from all over the country. Upon the customer' request, we can do custom designs. We fit rings to your size.
              At our store, we feature fine quality silver, gold, platinum, white gold, yellow gold jewelry, precious stones, and diamonds. We keep in touch with many different diamond manufacturers to please our customers with what they want, including diamond size and clarity.