Laurent Guillot

Laurent’s training started in painting restoration, where he had to master a range of techniques including working with foil and gold leaf, painting, and he developed the knowledge of how to layer techniques to create different effects. He combines these techniques with transparency and his sense of proportion and the result is a line of very contemporary, modern jewelry. It is bold, with clean lines, and the way it catches and reflects light projects a subtlety and strength.

Lucite is different from resin in that it cannot be mass produced. The material has to be heated and manipulated by hand. Once the material has been individually shaped, each piece then has to be finished with additional layers of color or paint or foil by hand. Because Laurent has been working in Lucite for so long and is constantly experimenting, he has technical expertise that few others can come close to.

Each piece is individually made by Laurent himself, so each piece is unique and has variations. Because working with lucite is time-consuming, these pieces are limited edition. Some of Laurent Guillot’s earlier work has been auctioned off by the world’s leading auction houses.