Nicole Barr

Enamel has been our passion since we began as a small jewelry company in 1982.

We look forward to working with you -- wherever you are in the world!

Our commitment to creating vibrant, colorful jewelry and cufflinks of the highest quality has attracted the attention of even the most demanding of our peers, such as Fabergé.

Following the best traditions of French Master Enamelers like René Lalique,  Nicole Barr uses true vitreous enamel (hard fired glass) which is painstakingly applied by hand to 18 K gold and sterling silver – complemented with the finest diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

Nicole Barr supplies independent jewelers known for their high quality – a discerning customer base that has built our reputation over 37 years in the US and Europe. We do not sell directly to the public or to national chain stores.